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Youngest Chef of India : Susmithaa Cchaudhary


Country Chef-Susmithaa Cchaudhary (Edupuganti Susmithaa) is honoured “Youngest Chef of India” by Country Book of World Records. She learned more than 5,000 recipes from cuisines around the World from South to North Indian, Italian to Mexican, American to Arabian, French to Continental etc. at the age of 12.
So many popular Newspapers published her interviews and TV shows. She started Susmithaa School of Cccookery and started teaching professional job-oriented courses more than 30 kind of variants.
She is the Youngest Signaturologist, Graphotherapist and Digital marketing expert.

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Biggest Khichdi (800 Kg) cooked in India


Biggest Khichdi (800 Kg) cooked in World Food India Fair-2017(New Delhi) in India

The feat was done at the World Food India event at India Gate lawns in New Delhi where the night-long preparations were supervised by World’s renowned ‘Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’.
A team of more than 20 people cooked over 800kg of khichdi, a traditional rice-dal dish, on November 4th-2017 in an attempt to enter World Records at World Food India Fair in Capital City of India,New Delhi.
World’s famous Yoga Guru-‘Baba Ramdev’ added to the star power at the event by making the ‘tadka’ for the dish at the India Gate lawns where the Festival is underway.
The giant/biggest wok in which khichdi had been cooked was weighed at 1,262kg. Out of this, the wok itself was estimated to weigh around 300kg. However, officials from World Records were yet to ascertain if a record had been made.

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Highest record rice crop in the World


World record Rice crop

Sumant Kumar, who enjoyed the world record rice crop last year, claims that he has not used any chemical pesticides and GMO. He believes that there was some divine help in shape of just the right amount of rain in addition to his dedication to produce large amounts without using GMOs. Farmers not using GMOs and pesticides usually get 4-5 tonnes per hectare but Sumant Kumar knew that he could improve this. When the crop was finally harvested and weighted, everyone was surprised at the kind of weight it was showing. Every rice grain was bigger and healthier than ever.

This was not six or even 10 or 20 tonnes. Kumar, a shy young farmer in Nalanda district of India’s poorest state Bihar, had – using only farmyard manure and without any herbicides – grown an astonishing 22.4 tonnes of rice on one hectare of land. This was a world record and with rice the staple food of more than half the world’s population of seven billion, big news.

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Biggest Cheeseburger


World’s Biggest Cheeseburger

A bacon cheeseburger measuring 10 feet in diameter and weighing more than a ton at Black Bear Casino Resort near Carlton, Minn. The behemoth burger, served up Sunday at the Black Bear Casino Resort tipped the scales at 2,014 pounds.

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