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Dr.Siva Sireesha created a Record


Dr.B.Siva Sireesha, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh State, India, has created a record as ‘Youngest achiever / Amazing Women’(Youngest girl / Woman student at the age 18 to have taken charge of the Management of Educational Institutions in which she was studying).

This achievement of hers was recorded under the categories of Women with Extraordinary talent/Youngest achiever.

She has developed her Educational Institutions from KG to PG (Including Nursing, Physiotherapy Colleges) in a very short span of time.

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Dr.Md.Sheeba Kauser set a Record


Dr.Mohammed Sheeba Kauser, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh State,India,has created a new record as ‘Youngest writer/Contributor/Research Scholar (in Physiotherapy) in Medical Journals’.

She has presented remarkable research papers in Medical conferences and Medical Journals. She has created this record under the categories of ‘Youngest Achievers’ and ‘Amazing talented’.

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Dr.V.V.Manjula Kumari Created a Record


Dr.V.V.MANJULA KUMARI, resident of GUNTUR in the State of Andhra Pradesh, INDIA, has created a new record of the ‘successful treatment for the highest number of patients (6/20/13 to 12/29/ 2018)’ with an innovative concept-‘Comprehensive Approach in Conservative Management of Obesity (Non-Surgical)’ under the categories of ‘First-of-its-kind and ‘Highest’.

She has treated thousands of patients with the highest satisfaction within few years in a single Clinic and managed personally by her.

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Students in Gandhi dress : break a World Record


Gandhi Global Family and Gandhi Gyan Prathistaan,Nalgonda,Telangana State,INDIA- paid grand tributes to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th birthday by the way of set / created a new World record through highest number of Children (Students)-i.e., 5,500 attiring in Gandhi dress. They have broken Previous world record-4,605 at Bangalore in 2015.

This record set in Nagrjuna Government Junior college,Nalgonda Town on October 2nd-2018, on the eve of Mahatma Gandhi 150th Birth celebrations.

District Collector, Nalgonda – Dr.Gaurav Uppal , Superintend of Police – A.V. Ranganath, Vice-Chancellor of Mahatma Gandhi University-Professor Altaf Hussain were presented in this record event

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Highest number of Gandhi Statues


A small villager-Buddhala Baskara Rao, Basivada (Village), Jalumuru Mandal, Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA set / created a new World Record by the way of donating more than 1000 Statues (Target-2000 statues) of Mahatma Gandhi (very small radios in a very short period at a very young age) within a few days. He erected also more than 100 statues in one single constituency (Narasannapet, Srikakulam Dt.) at a time on the eve of curtain raiser of Mahatma Gandhi 150th Birth celebrations.

Member of Parliament (Srikakulam)-K.Rammohan Naidu, Member of Legislative Assembly (Narasannapet)- B.Ramanamurthy,World’s first Internet Journalist & Country Book-India Chief Adviser-Dr.Kondaveeti Murali presented ‘Country Book of World Records’ official certificate,Special Plaque and Special Medal to Buddhala Bhasakra Rao on October 1st-2018 in Basivada Village.

Previously he donated 300 Gandhi statues to Andhra Pradesh Gandhi Smaraka Nidhi,Vizianagaram Division.Smaraka Nidhi felicitated to Buddhala Bhaskara Rao on September 25th-2018 at Vizianagaram Police Parade Grounds.AP Assembly speaker-Mandali Buddha Prasad,Smaraka Nidhi AP-Chairman & Adviser to AP CM-K.P.C.Gandhi and Vizianagaram Superintendent of Police-Palaraju felicitated to Bhaskara Rao.

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Youngest Chef of India : Susmithaa Cchaudhary


Country Chef-Susmithaa Cchaudhary (Edupuganti Susmithaa) is honoured “Youngest Chef of India” by Country Book of World Records. She learned more than 5,000 recipes from cuisines around the World from South to North Indian, Italian to Mexican, American to Arabian, French to Continental etc. at the age of 12.
So many popular Newspapers published her interviews and TV shows. She started Susmithaa School of Cccookery and started teaching professional job-oriented courses more than 30 kind of variants.
She is the Youngest Signaturologist, Graphotherapist and Digital marketing expert.

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