If you want to be a part of Country Book of World Records as a Co-ordinator / Reporter ? then you need to follow some guidelines given below in order to qualify:
1. The applicant should be a Graduate
2. The applicant should be above 18 years.
3. The person having prior experience in the field of print & electronic media reporting will be given priority.
Terms and conditions:
1. You shall not use Country Book of World Records name or logo for any personal benefits.
2. You shall guide people in making/breaking record; however final decision in reference to any record claim would be made by panel of Judges from Country Book of Records.
3. Every event organized for Country Book of World Records by you should be acknowledged to the Head Office at least 45 days prior to the event.
4. You are required to wear badge and ID card issued from Country Book of World Records in every record event and also uphold the Official standards of Country Book of Records.
5. You are expected to submit records collected by you on a monthly basis along with contact details of the record claimant.
6. On selection, Country Book of World Records Co-ordinator / reporter is required to order minimum 10 copies of Country Book of Records current edition.
Procedure to be a Co-Ordinator / Reporter:
1. The applicant will have to download Co-Ordinator / Reporter’s Application Form . The form should be duly filled in applicant’s own handwriting.
2. The signature of the two references who claim your good standing in society is mandatory on the application form along with a valid id proof and address proof.
3. Send the application form by e-mail.
4. Country Book of World Records team will review your form and will respond you within 30 days by sending a confirmation letter or mail.
5. After the selection, you will be given an ID card, a badge (Country Book of World Records) and an instructions manual.

APPLICATION>>>> Download
If you have any doubts: countrybookofrecords@gmail.com (OR) editormurali@gmail.com